Monday, 19 January 2009

have I cracked the code?

I have used many assumptions and suppositions throughout my translation of the Bible, but to me it gives us a more realistic insight into what the records in the Bible are trying to tell us. We have come through the last two thousand years basing the Bible on the assumption of others who, have tried to come to terms with it, leading us into the myth and mystique that still surrounds it. I feel I have come closer to cracking the hidden messages in it by accepting that we are not the only race in the Universe and certainly not the supreme race. When you look at the solid facts, even without the suppositions there is enough evidence to justify the idea that a superior race from a distant planet has already landed on earth, leaving the Bible as their legacy behind them for us to come to terms with, hoping someday we will be advanced enough to fully understand it before its too late. The next time you are staring up at the sky and notice an unusual cloud formation, maybe, just maybe, it could be one of their spaceships in disguise patrolling the galaxies keeping a watchful eye over us or maybe just maybe you might be lucky, enough to spot one of their ships, as some earthlings already claim, but have not been able to produce enough convincing evidence to satisfy the naive or sceptical people on earth.
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  1. Hello Donald.
    I don't know whether you cracked the code or not...bit those photos are fascinating and very captivating!

    My partner at work is a Jehovah's Witness and we go back and forth all of the time discussing each others thoughts and interpretations of the bible.
    I have always said that everything has many meanings when it involves the human mind of interpretation. One word can mean 20 even 200 different things.
    We are a very complex lot :)