Thursday, 15 January 2009

the gravitational pull of Heaven

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There are two possibilities of the outcome of this natural occurrence, one where Heaven will be involved only by its gravitational pull and the other where it will play a bigger roll. In both cases the beginning of the end will start in the same fashion. As each planetary system retracts with the gravitational pull of Heaven, some individual planets will be engulfed by their own suns growing out of all proportion as their gases expand. The once life giving stars in the Universe will retract through fields of untouched gases in the black matter causing them to react with an overpowering force that takes charge of any encountered spheres, engulfing them completely as they entwine into each others orbits. Galaxy’s will become one mass again trapping all the minerals, chemicals and gases they consist of, reverting to similar conditions before the Big Bang although, this time the objects will stay large and not revert to the minute particles that the universe originated from. Scientists have already forecast an event that runs along the same lines, now they know the real phenomenal occurrence that will cause it. As each inhabited planet gets caught up in this reversal, the space rescuers will be on hand, to evacuate all the good people from each individual planet, much the same way as is described in Revelation about the demise of earth. Every person who ever lived across the vast Universe will be accounted for and either taken to Heaven or Hell. The planet Hell on the very edge of the Heavens constellation will be the last planet to get caught up in all this. If the promise of eternal life we have been given is kept, then as the stars, asteroids, comets, planets, and gases congeal, they will form a roof around Heaven, which will be billions of miles away above it. Far enough away in fact that it will never interfere in the perfection of Heaven. What a fantastic sight for us to observe from the safety of our eternal home, to see this taking place knowing we won’t be affected by it while watching the power of nature interact. We will watch Hell and all the evil that has been in the Universe get caught up in all of this.
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