Saturday, 3 January 2009

slow to believe

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In these days, even as today, men chose not to believe the destiny of our world regardless of the proof put before them, irrespective of the prophecies that had already came true. The apostles suffered through envy of their close association with God’s crews and earthlings fear of the truth being foretold to them of the horrific ending the world has to suffer. They simply don’t want to believe such a thing is in store for them, rather believing that death is final. That’s the easy way out just totally ignoring the prophecies in the Bible, but a decision will have to he made by all of us eventually, as who to believe or disbelieve. When we take stock of what is happening in the world today, between man’s reluctance to believe there is a superior race in a distant galaxy and the unrest around us, both above and below ground, from natural and unnatural causes, we should be aware just what the signs are and of their foretold occurrences in the Bible. The end of the world and how it will come about is predicted in many books of the Bible and by various prophets, but still we would rather ignore it. Acts Seven and Fifty One sums it up when it reads, “You stubborn people you are heathen at heart and deaf to the truth, must you forever resist the Holy Spirit.”
As you carry on through the Bible (if you now have the incentive to read it) there is constant evidence of a superior race being here, like the angel rescuing Peter from prison while having a guard chained on either side of him. The light shining in the prison when the angel appeared can only be the glow from whatever source of power they would have at their disposal which could even have been a powerful torch. Every instance is described in the same way so, what other possible explanation could there be? Our technology has improved enough to carry out some of these deeds now, but in the days of the Bible stories it must point to a superior race on earth at that time, and as we still cannot established their actual size, could it not be the same people who left the other strange legacies in other parts of the world which all occurred around the same few thousand years? We cannot establish the time span the Bible covers, but as it goes back to the creation of earth then, it must go back millions of years. We cannot find traces of Adam or Eve, Noah or the Ark, to give us dates or evidence of their existence but we do believe they did exist. We can however find evidence of Jesus being here on earth and have dated one of his father’s visits to coincide with the same years as the Pyramids and statues on Easter Island among other phenomenal occurrences and inspired creations around the globe. The other important thing we have established, is the fact that these people were immortal and being so would, have lived on and been around earth for thousands of years without aging and were here at the birth of earth returning periodically to assist in its maturity leaving, when Krakatoa erupted which, in their immortal life would be irrelevant where time is concerned returning finally to save lives when the earth ends its existence.

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