Wednesday, 14 January 2009

the universe ceases to expand

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But what of beyond Revelation, was that the end of earth or, did God repopulate it again as suggested in the Bible? Has that episode already taken place as I have suggested? Are we the bad people from various, planets left to go through the thousand “HEAVEN YEARS” of repentance as life in general on earth, is not very pleasant especially, for the many people in the world living in severe poverty and illness and, some still living through wars? There is a way which I am coming to, that would allow God to experiment again with new life forms but only after the complete Universe has gone into reverse.
When the Universe ceases to stretch outwards, the blast from the Big Bang will slow down, exhausted by the distance it has covered over billions of years then, everything will stand still and only rotate on its own axes and in its own part of space, just as we thought it did before we knew the blast was still carrying us outward. This is when the gravitational pull of that gigantic planet at the centre will take control. Heaven, which has been our saviour down through time will turn things around completely. What other outcome could you expect with a planet as large as that at the centre of everything? Nature will take charge of the events that will happen next, and we can only hope that our God and his people on Heaven have come up with a plan to keep their, planet that safe haven with the eternal life they promised us.
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