Sunday, 4 January 2009

the rescue package

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There was religion of sorts but not, Christianity long before Jesus was born which would have originated from the presence of his fathers ships being here at the creation of earth which was witnessed by the primitive human form that was here at that time. Jesus was born years later to prove to the world God was here to benefit them, sacrificing his Son to prove they had the power and wisdom to know how the world would end and the means, to carry out the evacuation of earth. I find it quite comforting to think that a rescue package is ready to evacuate us from earth when the final disaster strikes just like the comfort, lifeboats and life rafts give to the crews of the ships, boats and oil rigs who have the threat of disaster from raging seas or fire hanging over them The Apostles carried out their task even in adversity spreading the news all over the globe telling the stories of the events recorded in the Old Testament of how the earth was created by these superior people, but not emphasizing the main point that, they were from another planet. It is more than likely that they never realised this was the case, nor did the later saints and preachers who followed on spreading the news long after the Apostles had died. Paul’s Epistles, constantly remind us of the rights and wrongs of life on earth, passing on the rules we have to keep before, we will be accepted on to that perfect planet Heaven that God and his angels came from. One thing is sure their planet won’t he spoiled by any evil from this earth and when our planet nears the end of its life no one will he left behind after the evacuation. This is what judgment day is all about rooting out the good from the bad among the earthlings, sending the evil away on the Devil’s ships to hell, while the good humans will keep Heaven the tranquil place it has become, when they are transported there by God’s crews.

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