Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the time is near

Arp 87 galaxy interaction from NASAImage by penmachine via Flickr

They will have telescopes billions of times more powerful than Hubble, powerful, enough to pinpoint any planet in the Universe, magnifying whichever part of that orb they wish, relaying it back to three dimensional receivers on their own planet. We can barely envisage the awesome wonders of their achievements; we will just have to hope that we will be among the lucky ones who will see it all first hand when we get to their planet. They still patrol the skies but they will never fall captive to our primitive race THAT, they have made sure of but they will be here when we need them.


  1. It is comforting to think that a race of benign aliens or angels are looking over us.

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  3. For a minute, there I thought you had the answer. Interesting - I should plan fishing trips.