Tuesday, 6 January 2009

super volcanoes

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The end of the earth is described in greater detail by St John of how it will come about and his gospel also begins with (In the beginning). He was the one chosen by God to witness and warn us of the devastation that will spread over the crust of the earth when the impending doom arrives. As it has never happened to this degree on our planet before, I can only assume that God or some of his people had filmed a similar occurrence on some other distant planet or, they had compiled a virtual reality disk allowing St John to experience the event without him coming to any harm or perhaps they filmed the parts of the earth's history that came close to the final demise and although causing plenty devastation at that time was not powerful enough to destroy the earth. (Remember they have been observing the earth for billions of years). Archaeologists, without realising it have discovered the very source the devastation will come from. They have discovered that there are a handful of super volcanoes around the world which, if they erupted would destroy thousands of miles of land around them, polluting the skies which in turn would cut out the sun’s rays killing every living thing in the affected area. As it is every man to his own trade, they may have been too caught up in their own findings, to have realised, that this was how the last days of our planet are forecast in the Book of Revelation.They do know the destruction they would cause but I don't think they realise the event has already been forecast in the bible. According to certain studies in Yellowstone National Park in America, that particular super volcano is already overdue its next eruption as it’s cycle is every six hundred thousand years, and the last time it erupted was six hundred and forty thousand years ago but, in saying that the scientists do not predict an eruption soon although, volcanoes are unpredictable. They have described how the fallout from this particular one would devastate America in a very short space of time. Shortly after the eruption the skies would blacken and blot out the sun’s rays, causing black rain to fall plunging earth into the equivalence of a nuclear winter affecting, most of the earth’s surface, killing off the majority of mankind. The last of these super volcanoes to erupt was Toba seventy four thousand years ago in Sumatra. Ten thousand times bigger than St Helens, it created a global catastrophe dramatically affecting life on earth. Scientists know that another eruption of this nature is due, they just don’t know where or when. Imagine the devastation if all the super volcanoes, plus the smaller ones dotted around the planet erupted together, with the after shocks causing earthquakes and tsunamis everywhere, until finally the very bowels of the earth spewed out. If you click onto the website titled super volcanoes you will get the information there about the potential that lies inside the earth to create its own demise and the devastation recorded in Revelation.

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