Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the final question

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There is one final question which I cannot answer, and to which the answer is not even coded in the Bible and, will probably never be answered as we just do not know where to begin,YES BEGIN! That is almost the question! Where did the first grain of dust or atom come from? Or, where did the chemicals that produced the gas to create the first Big Bang originate from? The ultimate question in other words, how, out of absolutely nothing, did these ingredients appear, and accumulate to cause such an astounding chain reaction, exploding and creating such splendour and beauty throughout the vast emptiness that we now call outer space, (Which from Heavens point of view it is) but was once a complete void. To make any of it possible it had to come from somewhere, just like God and, us had to evolve from the aftermath of that first chemical reaction. This book should at the very least prove to you that the Bible holds the key to our evolution and show how it is possible for life to go on without end. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion from my theories and hope they coincide with mine, bearing in mind the strides mankind has taken over the last two thousand years. I do not want to finish this book with “The End” like most books do as we know the potential is there to go on forever. As we started with “In the Beginning.” we will simply close with.
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  1. wow what a great post. I totally agree with you. It boggles my mind just to think of how complex the world and even the universe are. We are just a grain of sand in a huge ocean. Religion is the only thing that keeps you from getting absolutely insane from thinking about it.

  2. interesting article. i guess u'd never find answers to these questions cos it just leads to more questions - where did the chemicals come from that created the chemicals that created the chemicals that produced the gas to create the first bang come from and so on...

  3. The beauty of the Universe lies in the fact that each one of us is connected to the Universe. Every element is linked to the rest of the Universe through atoms.
    It is spectacular to just observe this and when mankind realizes the true potentials that exist within these theories, there will be absolutely nothing that one cannot do.

    Can you even begin to imagine what that would feel like?

  4. Hello...very thought provoking question.
    I wish I had the time to ponder such queries such as the why's and how's of mankind & the universe.

    I deal with more emotional challenges and the why's to what actually makes man tick is where my thoughts always find themselves.

    Maybe the answer is the same for all of our questions and it is so simple we continue to miss it out of our own complicated thinking!

    Who knows :)
    Have a very nice day!

  5. This is going to be a wonderful blog to visit I only wish I had more time to ponder for myself as well.

    Dorothy from grammology

  6. Some well written posts.

    I can't see why the answer to where everything came from would be in the bible as nothing can't describe nothing.

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  8. The universe is such a glorious wonder. As we go through life wondering. Wondering who, what, where, why and how? Man kind will always wonder. I no longer have the Christian God beliefs. I believe the bible is a self help book and was made by man to help with that time in life.
    I also believe that the predictions are just as the predictions today. Humans only use about 10% of our brains and there are those that may be able to connect with a part of their brains that may very well predict the future, but then there are people who just think they can.
    I believe as I have stated many a time. "We will never know until we die, unless we seize to exist, then we would never know"
    Great Blog. Keep up the great work.
    I would like to link exchange with you. Let me know if that is ok with you.

  9. When I was very young I asked myself the same question and even attempted to try to figure it out -- I'm 32 now and I have even more questions so I kind'da feel that I didn't really learn that much considering that what I thought to be the answer to my original question only spawned more questions! (sigh!)

  10. the answer is simple bro

  11. Even though I am not convinced that the Bible holds the key to our evolution - I thoroughly enjoyed the views of yours, and your captivating writing style.

  12. Hi, I found this article interesting. I can't help but reblog it at Heavenly Yours
    Have a nice day :D

  13. It's the unanswerable question of how it all began. If we were created, as I believe, where did our Creator come from. How was he created? Where were we before we were born, and where will go when we die. These questions can literally drive you crazy, and sometimes they do get the best of me. I have been searching for answers to these questions for years, and for me, it's a fine line between searching and obsessing!!

  14. Very compelling! I will have to come back for more.

  15. very relevant article'the unknown will always remain the unknown what we know is the known'

  16. Very interesting theories. I've only just begun reading, but find your take on our existence fascinating. Will read some every day until I am caught up and able to intelligently remark.