Sunday, 11 January 2009

we are all Jock Tampson's bairns

John keeps saying “I saw” or “I looked and I saw” when he is telling his story as if he is watching it on a screen, or a receiver with a three dimensional image and, as he is watching he has been told by God to write down everything he sees, (just like a T.V. critic) so his eyes would have to go between the visual display and the scroll he was writing on. When you look at it in that context there is nothing strange or scary about it as, has previously been taught by most religions who just wanted to create the fear of God. As John goes on to describe what is being shown him, he speaks of “earthquakes and the sun becoming as dark as black cloth and the moon becoming as red as blood. And all the mountains and all the islands disappearing.” Is this not what the archaeologists have predicted would happen if the super volcanoes blew? Who other than a superior race from the distant stars would predict this all these years ago? John records in writing, as each sequence transpires bringing catastrophe to earth, describing the volcanoes as, “a great mountain burning with fire.” John could be watching a recording of similar events from sixty five million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out. The asteroid that landed in the Gulf of Mexico could, have erupted a super volcano creating the same devastation that has to befall earth again. That is just another possibility of how or where God’s crews could have filmed the recording of what was being observed on screen. If God’s crews had been there as I have suggested, they would have filmed the whole event and this is what John is describing. Humans could have been evacuated to another planet, bearing out my earlier theories in Noah’s era, returning to earth, and repopulating it with a more advanced form of human life. Archaeologists think they can prove that there has been more than one occurrence when earth has been cleared of most life forms. Scientists wonder why modern man’s D.N.A. can be closely related, between all races and generations. Our genes could have been passed down through man’s progression on another planet leading to the rehabilitation of earth, solidifying the saying, “we are all Jock Tampson’s bairns.” If man had been allowed to multiply from the very beginning of earth the planet would have been over populated years ago. Disasters and genocide had to occur on earth killing off some of its numbers, ensuring survival until the bitter end. Each time natural disasters struck earth, the Gods were on hand to help us in any way they saw fit. It wouldn’t have been very nice for them, to be around our skies in the aftermath of such an event, so we can assume they left the area for many years, just as would have been the case when Krakatau erupted, only with the latter, mankind although struggled, did survive without an evacuation even after its last big eruption in eighteen eighty three. Revelation has been translated in many ways, by so many different people, who each tried to put their own individual theories of it across, but they still left us puzzled as to the actual meaning and the true interpretation, we were meant to take of John’s first hand account. We have never wanted to consider that people from another planet could be the main subject of the Bible but surely by now we have to give it serious consideration or suffer the dire consequences about to fall on earth.
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