Friday, 2 January 2009

the ascension to spacecraft

The next book of the Bible is called Acts of the Apostles, and in here we read of the ascension again. Acts One Verse Nine, (old version) “and when he had spoken these things while they beheld, he was taken up, and a cloud received him out of their sight.” (New version) “It was not long after he said this that he was taken up into the sky while they were watching, and he disappeared into a cloud. You already know my version includes the spacecraft or space station but why has the Bible never been translated into such a more logical version with a more modern theme that includes space machines and people from another planet, as this would be the more sensible path to take in this technically advancing world? Chapter Two of Acts has been widely argued over by the various religious groups which have arisen out of the many interpretations of the same story. Lack of knowledge or trust of God’s amazing inventions have contributed to this, but with what we know today it should be clearer to us what is being described, so I’ll quote the newer version of the religious Bible to make things easier.
Acts Chapter Two from Verse One, “on the day of Pentecost, seven weeks after Jesus’ resurrection, the believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly there was a sound from Heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm in the skies above them and it filled the house where they were meeting. Then what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.” Verse seven “They were beside themselves with wonder.” “How can this be?” “These people are all from Galilee, and yet we here them speaking the languages of the lands where we were born! Here we are Parthians, Medes, Elamites, people from Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, the province of Asia,” to name but a few mentioned. The people of the time wondered how they could understand all the different languages but, we today have devices which can translate languages and all you need is an ear piece, and plugged into the correct channel so, was this another invention from Heaven being used on earth two thousand years ago? A religious group called the Pentecostals grew around the belief that some of their members could speak in tongues, languages that have never been heard on earth, claiming it was God speaking through them. God’s people communicated with all nations without confusing them with a language problem. The noise the gathering of people heard would have been a type of craft used by the angels to travel between destinations, craft which would have come in different makes and age, giving them their individual sound and appearance hence the varying descriptions. We have already established the way that the varying languages were being deciphered as this method is used on earth today, which should simplify this test in Acts for those who puzzled over it before. It does say in Genesis that in the beginning there was only one language on earth and it was only when people began to spread out that different languages arose. That could be relevant to this part of the Bible where God’s crews needed to invent this interpreting machine to communicate with the inhabitants from all the planets visited. Before I stray, too far from the ascension I would like to point out that although we can visit the birth place of Jesus we cannot visit his grave, nor can any graves be found of any of the commanders or crew who came in God’s ships. Just as the Bible says Jesus did not die nor did any of the other people that arrived with him which establishes the fact that they have eternal life, If Jesus had been totally of this earth, his body would have been buried somewhere everyone would know of and would be a place of great homage to the religions of the world. They do however acknowledge his birth place and the place of ascension from where he left this earth to join his father. The Apostles, whose task it was to remind the earthlings of what had taken place and, to spread the word to those who were too far away from these events to know about them, obviously found it more and more difficult to explain them as the years went by and the distance from the events grew. The language barrier was not the problem, it was like most stories, becoming less and less believable as time goes by, and like other tales fell into the realms of myth, mystique and fantasy. The Apostles like the prophets did have an advantage over preachers of today, in the way they were given certain assistance from God to help consolidate their stories one of which was the power of healing having been taught some of their medical expertise but, even with this advantage their stories of Jesus coming back from the dead was doubted.
In today’s world of modern medicine these things are possible (to a certain extent) so why can modern man not accept the fact that someone was on earth at that time with enough medical knowledge to accomplish the deed. God in his infinite wisdom felt it would he better if us mere mortals took things a step at a time instead of thrusting their knowledge on a race of people who were not mentally enough prepared to cope at that time.

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