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Old post on a topical subject.

2012 will not be the end of the world.

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This is a piece I wrote in "thephilosopherschair" some time ago, and I thought it might interest my new readers, as the topic comes up often among followers of such themes, so here are my thoughts on the subject.

By Donald Swarbrick.


I would like to start by reminding you, that these are my theories, and would like you to consider them before being sent into a panic by the other theorists who think that the world will end on 21 or 23 of December 2012 by taking their assumptions from one of the Mayan calendars.

Lets look at a couple of the causes that are supposedly going to end the world or put it into such an upheaval that it will make our very existence dubious. Things that have been thrown into the mix are "solar bursts" which the world experiences all the time (the Aurora borealis and the aurora australis being an example of this) which the earth defends its self against by deflecting the rays around the surface keeping them safely above our atmosphere, and regardless of their strength the earth's gravity will continue to deflect them as they are unlikely to become strong enough to counteract our gravitational field, as the bursts are only clouds of charged particles, and not an actual furnace charging towards the earth. We have to remember that there are planets nearer to the sun that get the same sun bursts as we do, and come to no harm although they get a stronger surge than us, and the bursts continue to the outer planets too, with no damaging results.

The earth has encountered strong solar bursts before and survived, the only difference this time is the fact that we have satellites up in the area that the bursts are being deflected through, and given the uses we have for these satellites it will cause a lot of disruption to the way of life we have become accustomed to, but once they are past we will be able to put things back the way they were although it may take some time. So if that is a portrayal of doomsday to you, then just be patient as everything will return to normal, or as they say "normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."

Geomagnetic reversal, or polar shift is another expectation by some in the dreaded 2012 but as it takes 5,000 years for this to complete once the cycle has begun, and if we only had till 21 or 23 of December 2012 for its completion then we would be much nearer to the end of the cycle with more distinct signs, other than global warming, or volcanic and geological movement to convince us. Earth has gone through many changes and the signs that the doom merchants are using to convince us that earth's end is near are only natural occurrences that the world has to endure through it's lifespan, but will not dictate its demise.

The Mayans were very knowledgeable people both in astronomy and mathematics 2,000 years BC so you have to ask, where that knowledge came from, and why are the few descendants that are left, not as clever, or, why did they not carry on from where their ancestors left off giving us more to work on other than the records they left behind?

I wrote a piece in "unfeatheredangels" on the subject of some of these intelligent races, all from a similar time zone and area where each of their cultures were only slightly different although they were not connected to each other, and made the suggestion that they could have gained their knowledge of the stars by traveling here from a planet that had become endangered, and were brought here by the same spacecraft described in "The Old Testament" by Ezekiel. This may sound outrageous to you but when you consider the knowledge they had then, compared to the knowledge the supposed learned people of today have, and why that knowledge was not passed down and elaborated on by their following generations, it becomes a more logical theory.

When you study their rituals and beliefs, which don't always come from myths or legends, you can, if you study the beliefs,and look at them with an open mind, begin to see where my theories take some logic. Take one, for instance, the "Zapotee" (another race from around the same time zone and area as the Mayans) who think they come from an elite race among the clouds, so if they WERE brought here from another planet, that is where their belief would have originated, and not from myths or legend as we have been led to believe. It has been thought that most of these races I am speaking about suddenly appeared on earth,and their ancestry has been nigh impossible to trace, so that is all the more reason not to discount my theory.

The Mayans had two calendars, one called Mesoamerican long calender, the other being the Venus cycle, and they took calculations from the stars for many different reasons that I am not going into now ( look up the Mayans on the Internet for all the facts you need) so why has the public been frightened by one of them just because it happens to last for 5,125 years and expires in December 2012. They only used it for a certain purpose and whatever purpose that was, was not needed after 2012, not because the world was going to end but because the astronomical reason they were using it would have become outdated as the stars alignments altered. They never predicted the end of the world although they were knowledgeable enough to do so, if it was possible at all, and would have made it more clear than a date on some calendar they were going to discard in 2012 had they survived in the strength and knowledge of their origin, and not have mysteriously faded into oblivion, taking their exceptional knowledge with them.

The Mayans, and the other races in and around that time knew more than they should, and one reason that cannot be discounted is the fact that they could have gained their knowledge first hand from the space travellers who brought them here, the same people the bible is referring to. Their calendars could have been brought from their own planet as they do not fit with earth's cycles, and the calculations taken from there, while the long count calendar that all the fuss is about, having nothing whatsoever to do with earth.

If the person who started all the fuss had explained to the gullible people more of the culture and rituals of the Mayans, then there would be more understanding of such an intelligent race, and less ridiculous theories on a prediction they never made or suggested.

Thankfully we have the Internet to fall back on now, so if you want to put your mind at ease on the 2012 subject, then I suggest you go and study the Mayans and make your own mind up instead of listening to other peoples theories, mine included.

Some of you will never be convinced that 2012 is not going to bring disaster to the earth, but I will be under the clock with a red rose in my lapel, to meet any of you who care to turn up on the 25Th of December 2012 to prove I was right. What clock? I will disclose that on the 24Th but remember to buy my Christmas present. A bottle of Bacardi would be fine to bring in the new year of 2013................?
Now then, 13 unlucky for some. I wonder??????
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