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Time has no mass or substance.

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I watched with interest at Stephen Hawking's latest TV program on "time" in which he and other associates of his regard time as an object and not just a measurement, in the same way an inch or metre, or a pint and a litre are, measurements calculated by mankind to assist him in his everyday life.

Fellow colleagues of Stephen Hawking, who consist of cosmetologists and physicists assume that if we had the means we could time travel owing to their theory that time has matter, and can be breached, but as I see it, time has no mass, no soul, no substance, and is nothing but a measurement of how the universe has come from its origin to reach the point it is now at when you are reading this.

Let me take you through some of the points Stephen Hawking made in his program on time travel and I will in my own way dispel the myth that you can travel through time.

Stephen stated at the beginning of his program that he is something of a dreamer and I see no harm in that, but what amazes me is the fact that these learned gentlemen regard time as an object, or as a fourth dimension and forget that time, although it does exist, passes moment by moment, at the same speed everywhere in the universe as it continues to travel outward from the original blast that created it.

Time on earth as we know it is measured by mankind on the activity of our solar system with the rotation of our planet on it's axes measuring the days and nights and the orbit of it around the sun defining the years,MAN MADE CALCULATIONS defining time.
If we lived on another planet like ours in a different solar system with the rotation of the planet on it's axes very much different to ours and it's orbit around it's sun taking much longer to complete, then our measurement of time would be different and coinciding with the actions of that solar system, but time itself would be no different as it would carry on moment by moment, unmeasured in the emptiness of space, only being observed by any intelligent life who might as we do allow their lives to be dictated by it.

In the program, Physicists, try to tell us of wormholes in time that they hope someday will allow time travel, but how can you have a hole of any kind in a thing with no mass or substance?
It is a possibility that there are such things as wormholes in space that can take us to another dimension although I doubt that too, as it is my belief there is only one universe, albeit a massive one with many facets, but that they can be reached directly, if we had the means, and not through some wormhole.

The program uses entities like snooker tables and snooker balls magnified to explain that nothing is completely flat, but these are as I say, entities and time is not, so there is no comparison on that matter which makes a nonentity of their theory in that respect.

Stephen agrees with Albert Einstein that time travels at different speeds at different places in the universe, but as some of Einstein's theories have been proved to be wrong so is their theory of time, making the mistake that it is an object, or their fourth dimension as they call it.

The example of time varying in speeds at different parts of the universe was illustrated by pretending it was possible to fly a spacecraft to a black hole and enter it's orbit without being drawn in. Time for the crew would slow down by a half and if they flew around it for ten years, on exit they would only have lived five years, returning to their world in the future.
The first flaw in that theory is, it is not time that is slowing down in the spacecraft, only the objects as they circle the black hole and are affected by it's G-FORCE or gravitational pull. The second flaw is that, they DID take ten years to go around the hole and when they came out of the orbit it would still be ten years that had passed in universal time, we cannot alter the speed of time no matter what we do or where we go in the universe.

You do not need to go as far as a black hole to prove the point of speed in a circular motion, only look at a solid wheel and observe the way it acts as it rotates with the outer rim traveling faster and covering more ground as it speeds up, while nearing the middle the motion slows down coming to almost no motion at all at the centre.
The reason for that is the fact that it is the outside of the wheel covering the distance and as you approach the middle it has less distance to cover, hence the slowing down process, with the centre having nowhere to go remains still.

The same principle applies to his example of a fast train circling the earth at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. (mankind's measurement)
If it takes the train seven times a seconds to travel around the earth, doubling the speed only means that the train will travel fourteen times a second around the earth and not go into the future as the program makes out.
The faster you go only allows you to cover more distance in a shorter space of time regardless of which direction you are going in, be it in a straight line or a circle.

The reaction of any animate objects in the train would be the same as weightlessness in space or the same as the objects inside a plane when it hurtles from a great height at speed creating the same effect as weightlessness in space.
When Stephan Hawking experienced weightlessness in the aircraft that was used to allow him the feeling of weightlessness, he did not come out of the aircraft earlier than he entered it, he landed at the equivalent time he should have without experiencing travelling through time, and the same thing would have happened with the crew circling the black hole and the passengers in the train travelling at the speed of light or faster.

I conclude that with time having no mass, and being a measurement only, time travel will never occur no matter how many schoolboy dreams revolve around it.
Sometimes our physicists and cosmetologists stretch their imaginations too far in the hope of achieving that schoolboy fantasy and can't see the wood for the trees.

Some dreams just cannot come true even though you are a physicist or cosmetologist, and the only way to reach the future is to live until tomorrow, as for the past..............well we have our memories and archives for that.

One last thought.
If time travel were possible, some physicist or cosmetologist from the future would take great pleasure in returning to this century to tell Stephen Hawking how time travel worked, or returned to the last one to tell Einstein where he went right and where he went wrong, as he would have done had it been possible in his lifetime.

Thankfully, that will not happen as the greed of mankind would dominate the reasons to return to the past, with knowledge from the future being a sure way to gain the riches and power most of mankind strives for.

Some things will never change, especially time, which will always pass at its own speed regardless of mankind with his dreams and fantasies, it's only the moments and events that time creates that changes.

Yes TIME may control our lives, but we have no control over TIME!

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  4. Donald, my friend you are so right.

    Time has no mass; we cannot alter the speed of time; thus, time travel will never occur.

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